Shikin & Yan Ho

There was a special aura when I met Shikin and Yan Ho for the first time.

Having been together since they were in junior college, they seemed the surest of all the couples I've met. Sure that this is what they wanted to do. Good folks that trusted me so much – it was great and scary at the same time. 

Today, it would have been almost a year since I photographed Shikin and Yan Ho's wedding. 

Don't ask me why I've not made a journal of their photographs. A part of me felt afraid, nervous and vulnerable when I share photographs I've made of people. 

But then I realised that sharing your art is way of learning; a way of healing; and a way of understanding the world in ways that we can't comprehend.

With Shikin's exuberance and Yan Ho's calm conviction, their approach to life was something we all could learn. 

Surely, together is their favourite place to be. 

Venue: SIA Group Sports Club