We Made These
We Made These

1-on-1 Mentor Workshops

For many, taking photographs is instinctive and fulfills the urge many have to create. 

Starting out, we knew we wanted to make photography our way of life. But we did not expect how tough it would be. From discovering clients, spending countless hours in front of the computer, and above all, learning how to manage a photography business. After much trial and error, as well as working smarter (not harder) , we are managing better and enjoying photographing people more than ever.

We would like to share our knowledge with you. Hopefully you can apply it to your advantage and bring the love back to this craft. We don't claim to be experts but we hope that from this process, you can find ways to implement these ideas, improve the quality of your work and run your business and craft better. Email your questions here.

Sessions will take place at the location most convenient for you – in Singapore or worldwide.


Possible Topics Include:

  • Discovering your voice in photography
  • Making better photographs – finding good light, basic & advanced visual devices
  • Making the most of out your gear
  • Managing your photography workflow & post-processing
  • Finding the clients you want
  • Building a better portfolio/website
  • Social Media


Possible Tools/Apps Covered:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Building up SEO
  • Instagram